• BPM in all effect types

    Could a BPM function be made available in all effect types?
  • [Augment3d] let augment3d running when editing in effect tab

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    Is it possible to keep augment3d running when we open Tab13? In venues, when we edit effects, we could see changes on stage. When we use laptop at home, it could be usefull to keep augment3d running....
  • Hide tab bar per-window item

    Following the ability in 3.1.1 build 83 to resize and merge layouts, having the ability to hide the tabs on a per-window item basis would be beneficial, similar to limited expanded mode except only within its usual spacing.
  • View channels' labels in live tab

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    Hi, other FORMAT behaviour could be showing labels in bottom of channels like Cobalt does.
  • Sub and Cue in Custom Direct Select

    For cue option for bump mode or play mode For Subs refer a propertis subs Giovanni.
  • See Focus Height in A3D

    It would be very useful to bew able to see a text read out of the focus height in A3D, in the same way that I can see the FPS.
  • Any plans for improvements to the Fixture Editor

    The editor desperately needs attention. So it is a little "exhausting" There's not a lot of logic in there, but a lot of mistakes.
  • Channels Table (Tab 1) Group Channels by User count

    Is it possible change it so Users can choose how many Channles are "grouped" in Channel Table? Most Dimmers are 6 or 12 Channels, my Plugboxes have 8 Channel. If i can choose this count free it can be more helpfull
  • PSD individual cuelist scrolling with two cuelists displayed

    Hey guys, It would be nice if the PSD - when in dual cuelist display - would let you hover the cursor over either cuelist and scroll up and down to view other cues in that list. Currently it only lets you scroll up and down on the top cuelist. Not...
  • Magic Sheet - Spreadsheet Object

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    Hi All, On larger productions, I have taken to make magic sheets that are 1 page cheat sheets, like we used to do back in the day with excel. I want the magic sheet editor to have a "spreadsheet" object number of rows and columns can be defined...