Sensor 3 solid red beacon


I have a rack which is displaying a solid red beacon. Is anyone able to advise on what this means?

I have only been able to find this short list of beacon states:

Is there a full list of states available elsewhere?

No errors listed on the CEM module.


  • Hi Steve,

    Are you in the US or in a CE market? Except for the latest CE design, Sensor rack beacons do not change color for error states. If you're in the US, I suspect you'll find you have a CEM Classic.  

    The original Sensor rack beacons were red rather than blue.

    The beacon being on solid indicates the rack has power and is not reporting any errors. That's the normal operating state.

  • Hi Tracy,

    I am in a CE market. The rack in question is a ESR3-24 running software version v1. and has a CEM3 module running software v1.7.2.

    The noted software versions match the other Sensor3 racks in the installation, which is approx. 12 months old. Furthermore, all the other racks have blue beacons.

  • Hi Steve - Is it possible that the Rack you have was upgraded from Sensir Classic to Sensor3? Is the Rack beige or black? Are you maybe looking at the red phase lamps at the top? they would be on full constant showing power. Could you send us photo of the Rack where the red beacon can be seen?

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