Smartlink power supply with Smartpack wall mount dimmers


When I use 3ea of Smartlink 5 button stations with Smartpack wall mount dimmers( 2ea of SL1210W, 1ea of SL620W),

do I need only one Linkpower Supply(like SL1210W-LPS) for the system?

or do I need linkpower supply for all three each dimmers?

There will be smartfade console, too.

I'd appreciate for any advice regarding.

thank you!

  • Hi Doo, 

    here is the Smartlink PSU Install Guide Link:


    You may have only one station power source on the SmartLink network. This source may be either the LinkPower Supply (S-LPS) or a SmartLink Station Power Module (S-SPM) which powers up to 16 SmartLink stations. As well, you may have up to four SmartLink host products in a SmartLink system. One SmartLink host product (SmartPack, SmartSwitch, Unison DRd with SmartLink or Sensor + with SmartLink) in the system must have a LinkPower Supply or Station Power Module installed for wall station power. 

    Your system above with 5x Stations and 3x Smartpack, needs just one PSU. 


    Have fun!


  • Thank you, Corey!!

    It's all I need for.

    thank you, again.

    wish you the best!!!

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