Smartbar loosing address

I have a smartbar that has several times lost it's address information. Once I go up and address it, it is fine for quite some time then it will eventually loose it. The smartbar directly beside it has no issue, just the one. At first I thought it was coupled to power loss. It always seemed to happen after when there was a potental loss and when noone was in the building.

Recently it has done it so I am told either right before an event with no real cause.

What could be causing one to loose address and not the other?

What should I do to fix this issue (troublesome to keep addressing it)?


  • Sorry to hear of your problems.

    Is this a Smartbar 1 (looks like this)

    Or a Smartbar2 (looks like this)

    I would probably recommend consulting your nearest ETC distributor to have it serviced; I don't recall any firmware problems with either of these which would make them lose DMX address, so it may be a bad memory chip or something like that.

  • It is a smart bar 2.
    The nearest dealer who does servicing as far as I know is a 3 hour drive away and charges appropriately. There is another dealer at over an hour away that I deal with who might be able to.
    Always like to avoid that. Always easier to bring suspect components to them.
  • Something similar happened to me, though it was a wall mount thrupower module.

    My pack began to respond to Address 1, instead of 501 that it was using prior to that.

    All I did was go back into the menu, select DMX Address, and it was immediately standing by at Address 501. Selecting that, it returned to the address it was supposed to use.