Problem with light control from a backstage panel

I'm a student in high school and at my school we have an ETC element. Above stage we have work lights that are used for basic lighting if we don't have a show going on. The lights can be controlled from the board and used to be controllable from a backstage panel that we have. Recently the panel has stopped being able to be controlled by the panel but is still controllable from our board. We think it could be some sort of patching issue but we're unable to figure out what could have caused it. We've checked other show files to see if it could have just been somehow patched to something different , but even when we change the show file nothing changes. I don't know what could have caused this and I am seeing if this could have happened to anyone else before and they figured out what the problem was and how to fix it. It's extremely annoying having to run up to the board to turn on the work lights and not many people at the school know how. If anyone has any idea at all or any website, video, person Etc  that they could recommend to solve this it would be much appreciated.

  • i would try to get the school to get in touch with the company that installed your system. they already know your setup and can help probably a lot faster than somebody who has never seen what's connected to what controlling what.

  • I'll try to see if they can but the school board barely cares about our program so i don't know how willing they would be to try and have someone come take a look at it.

  • Are there any other button panels or touch screens that also control other lights like house lights?  Do these other button stations work properly?  If you have other control panels maybe include a picture of the panels.  Some button stations are "presets" of the Unison architectural controller.  These presets can sometimes be "user" recorded at a master station or touch panel.  It is possible that the button got inadvertently re-recorded or it is just plan broke....  

  • It can still control house lights and until recently controlled work lights and nothing could have happened to cause them to be in any way broke (unless someone did something and never told us) its a really basic light panel and we have two of them but neither one can bring up the work lights, but both can bring up house lights. ones plugged into the wall while the other is a sort of box setup in the light and sound booth.