Capture/Nomad.. making me mad.

Context: Very, very new to Nomad.

Set up:  Macbook Pro/ Nomad/ Capture [STUDENT EDITION]

QUESTION 1: As I understand it- As all connectivity and control functions are enabled in the student edition of Capture- I should be able to connect a Nomad, and visualise the show I'm developing with all fixture types being available even if they do not appear on the capture library?

QUESTION 2: I have a full version of WYG- would that be an easier hook up route than Capture?

Does anyone have any information if this...or any help/advice. 

Thanks in advance.

  • so, first of all: you're running a macbook with osx (not bootcamp/parallels) and trying to run both nomad and capture on the same computer, correct?

    even if you're not using a network connection that leaves you're mac you will still have to have a network active to make sure all network services of the operating system are active. so you need to be connected to a wifi or hook up a cable with a switch. without that you might not get fill network functionality which you need for nomad and capture to communicate (even if it's on the same computer)

  • Thanks for your reply ueliriegg- that is all correct yes. 

    Still no luck getting it to work, I've got some random virtual desk by 'Clarity' talking to Capture on my Mac, but the Nomad is NoWorking.  I think I might just wait for this huge upgrade with the ETC visualiser, and 'Old school' this show and plot it with my eyes in the venue.

    It's surprising that none of the big players like WYG, ETC, Capture, MA have made a set up wizard to automate this hook up process between virtual desk and visualiser. [MAOn-Pc to MA3D is pretty easy tbf- but i'm not using my MA desk on this project] 

    if anyone has had similar issues and have cracked it- or know of any good set up guides- let me know.

    thank you ETC people Smile