Capture/Nomad.. making me mad.

Context: Very, very new to Nomad.

Set up:  Macbook Pro/ Nomad/ Capture [STUDENT EDITION]

QUESTION 1: As I understand it- As all connectivity and control functions are enabled in the student edition of Capture- I should be able to connect a Nomad, and visualise the show I'm developing with all fixture types being available even if they do not appear on the capture library?

QUESTION 2: I have a full version of WYG- would that be an easier hook up route than Capture?

Does anyone have any information if this...or any help/advice. 

Thanks in advance.

  • so, first of all: you're running a macbook with osx (not bootcamp/parallels) and trying to run both nomad and capture on the same computer, correct?

    even if you're not using a network connection that leaves you're mac you will still have to have a network active to make sure all network services of the operating system are active. so you need to be connected to a wifi or hook up a cable with a switch. without that you might not get fill network functionality which you need for nomad and capture to communicate (even if it's on the same computer)

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