[GADGET II] Gadget isn't being recognized by any computer.

Hi all,

I bought a Gadget 2 about a month ago and it has been working great up until about 1 Week ago when it decided to stop working with me. 

Luckily, I have no shows until the new year in which I'll need it again but I do have a friend who asked if they could use it soon and I'd love to be able to fix it up for them to be able to use. 

My issue seems to be that no matter what computer I plug it into, it doesn't show up in any device manager or system information and it remains a red LED (manual says USB Enumeration).

I've tested multiple cables, multiple Eos Software Builds and about 5 different computers, both Mac and Windows-based. 

Zero luck. 

Help would be much appreciated! 

Thanks all!

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