Dimmer channels @ full even when set @ 1%


I am using ETC ION v2.7.3 Fixture library v2.7.2.7. All my generic/static fixtures are patched to dimmers but some of these channels/dimmers come up @ full even when at 1%, the Sensor dimmer rack is correctly set for dimmers, non of the dimmers are set for non-dim, any advise will be very much appreciated. Thank you

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  • Hi Ronfogel, thank you for following my issue.

    The Sensor dimmer rack is set correctly, I have swapped modules on where is thought or suspected a bad module but I get the same result. The rack has 96 dimmers and out of those I use 30 dimmer channels, and out of those 30 dimmer channels, 8 work fine and 22 run with intensity behaving. When driving the dimmer from the rack if the dimmer is set at 20% it will show 20% on display but the actual output in the fixture is @ full.

    On the patch screen all these channels show no curve or else selected, all looks normal. Any other suggestion?