Dimmer channels @ full even when set @ 1%


I am using ETC ION v2.7.3 Fixture library v2.7.2.7. All my generic/static fixtures are patched to dimmers but some of these channels/dimmers come up @ full even when at 1%, the Sensor dimmer rack is correctly set for dimmers, non of the dimmers are set for non-dim, any advise will be very much appreciated. Thank you

  • Hello, Guillermo:

    Does the snapping follow any pattern in the rack, such as an entire phase?  If so, please power your sensor rack off from the main feed breaker and then power it back on.

    Also, in the Ion please check the CURVE column in patch and make sure a number has not been assigned there.

    Thank you,


  • Hi Sasha, 

    Thank you for your quick response,

    I have tried before resetting two-three times the Sensor Dimmer Rack with no luck, I have also reset the LX console a few times with no luck either. 

    I have checked the curve in the patch as suggested but all is cleared

    Note that the issue happens only in a few dimmer/channels not all. All the LED and movers work fine ... 

  •  Hello, Guillermo:

    Thank you for the clarification.  Which dimmers?  Is there a pattern?
    It could be the CEM and not the console at this point.  If you set them to 10% and look at about in the dimmer's menu, do you see 10% or 100%?

    Thank you,


  • Did you happen to check the Module type?  Maybe it is a relay module.

  • Hi Ronfogel, thank you for following my issue.

    The Sensor dimmer rack is set correctly, I have swapped modules on where is thought or suspected a bad module but I get the same result. The rack has 96 dimmers and out of those I use 30 dimmer channels, and out of those 30 dimmer channels, 8 work fine and 22 run with intensity behaving. When driving the dimmer from the rack if the dimmer is set at 20% it will show 20% on display but the actual output in the fixture is @ full.

    On the patch screen all these channels show no curve or else selected, all looks normal. Any other suggestion?

  • Hi Sasha and thank you for following my issue.

    In the dimmer rack I have swapped modules in where is thought or suspected to have bad module but the result is the same, if I drive the dimmer from the dimmer rack and set it at 20% the display shows 20% but the actual output in the fixture still is at full. I have checked the dimmer rack being correctly set up, I have compared the setting on the dimmers that behave fine with the ones that don't and the settings are exact the same. Any other thought?

    Thank you very much for all your help.

  • Guillermo, 

    What model Sensor rack are you using, Sensor Classic, Sensor+, or Sensor3?  If you're not sure, what color is the beacon at the top of the door, and would you please describe the control module (whether or not it has a numeric keypad, and whether or not it has a blue circle with a check mark in the center)?

    If you have a CEM+ or CEM3, you can download the rack's configuration and send it to ETC (Sasha is a factory tech) so they can check if there's something in the configuration that's causing the dimmers to go to full at 1%.

    If you have a CEM Classic with all of the same modules (D20, for example), then as a last resort, the control module can be reset to factory defaults with all of the modules set for standard dimming, and then you can go through and change the profile of circuits to non-dim as necessary.  This would take the processor's configuration out of the equation because it would be in a known state. 

    Also, I don't suppose that you have a second Sensor rack to swap processors with and see if the issues follow the processor?


  • Guillermo, let's double-check Sasha's question about whether the affected dimmers follow a pattern.

    If you physically look at the rack, are the modules you're having an issue with clustered together by any chance?  Assuming this is an install tower of 96, are the problematic circuits all in the top,. middle, or bottom third by any chance?  

    If there is no obvious pattern that way, what dimmer numbers are having problems?