Can I use Elation enode2 POE with nomad puck?

I would like to use the etc Gadget 2 port but it is on back order until maybe Sept.   Can I use the Elation enode2 POE with the Nomad puck to get 2 universes? 

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  • What is you'd like ETC to work around? Have you tried reaching out to Tech Support for assistance?

    If you're not sure if your ETCnomad is outputting sACN, then I recommend using the third-party tool called sACNview to verify that it's outputting on the network (and for ArtNet there's another third-party tool called ArtNetominator). If sACNview sees traffic on the network but your node still isn't seeing sACN, then there's either an issue with a patch cable somewhere, the network blocking is block multicast traffic, or an issue with the node.

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