Can't get Led connected

Hello I'm very new and very inexperienced in terms of any of the technician stuff. I'm currently on week two of learning the ion board here at my workplace(I've got regular patching and cues pretty under control. I'm working with one S4 LED S2 Lustr HSIC StrFan +7. The light itself is connected through sACN DMX. It's in stage mode and is operational in manual(master/slave) mode. But I can't get any response from the ion board. Its in channel 111(its parameters are 111-125) and I patched it to channel 150 but still no response. I would appreciate any insight into how to get the ball rolling. Right now I'm at a standstill in my training until I can find the light. I'm deeply grateful for any and all suggestions/help. 

  • Keep you head up!  This console has a lot to offer but does take some configuring before you really get into the meat and potatos...

    As mentioned, your current set-up does not use sACN so none of these settings will apply to you.  You'll want to double check the DMX output settings are enabled and set to Universe 1 by going to [Displays] {Setup}.  You'll then see "Output" on the left hand side and you'll want to make sure "DMX Outputs" is enabled and that port 1 is set to start outputting at address 1 (similar to the attached).  Then make sure your 5pin DMX is connected to port 1.  The green status light on the fixture should be solid if you are outputting DMX regardless of whether you have the correct profile or patch in the console.

    Also if you do find this is consuming too much time and you need to get up and running quickly, a call to ETC Support to do a phone walk through of your configuration would be good next steps.  Once you have output and control of the lights, then you can continue your self teaching but don't want you to get frustrated out of the gate.

    Using Network and DMX 1 & 2 as separate universes on Ion - Eos Family - Eos  Family Consoles - ETC - Community

  • Scott I deeply appreciate the time you took to help me along. Thank you. Between my boss and I we had found that the data stream was for some reason unplugged. We still didn't get the led fixture to work right away. But when we patched it we had to put it in universe 2 in order to get it working. But I can say with great pride we've got the LED fixture working and I've become savy at patching and using the board. Thanks again! 

  • Thanks ueliriegg for helping! We didn't have the data stream plugged in(duh that'd do it lol) and in order to get the lights responding they had to be placed in universe 2. Thanks again for the help! 

  • Glad to hear you are up and running again.  Best of luck with your training and don't hesitate to reach out to the form again.  The "Control Consoles" form also has a bunch of ongoing discussions about EOS learning and I've included a link to the best training resources for this console.  In each level there is a workbook that walks you through step by step each topic and the play button on the left side of the page links you to the video to go along with it.  I suggest printing a copy and jotting down notes that make sense to you as you go along.

    We're all in this together and as metioned previously if you do get really stuck again, a call to tech support during business hours is always an option.  Just be ready with as much information and list of steps you've gone through so they can help you efficently to get you up and running.