Can't get Led connected

Hello I'm very new and very inexperienced in terms of any of the technician stuff. I'm currently on week two of learning the ion board here at my workplace(I've got regular patching and cues pretty under control. I'm working with one S4 LED S2 Lustr HSIC StrFan +7. The light itself is connected through sACN DMX. It's in stage mode and is operational in manual(master/slave) mode. But I can't get any response from the ion board. Its in channel 111(its parameters are 111-125) and I patched it to channel 150 but still no response. I would appreciate any insight into how to get the ball rolling. Right now I'm at a standstill in my training until I can find the light. I'm deeply grateful for any and all suggestions/help. 

  • Can you explain more about how your fixture is connected to the console?  You metioned using sACN from the ION to the fixture.  Is there a sACN node or gateway device in between and if so, what device?  Provide as much info as you can about cables, connections and devices between your console and fixture to help us troubleshoot with you.

  • so you used the Quick Setup Stage on the fixture? then you should also patch it as QS Stage in the console.

  • There's a DMX line(in) and the Edison power supply(on) that are connected to the fixture on my LX1. I can't follow the DMX because it goes up beyond catwalk and then goes into the wall and comes out in lighting booth. The back of the fixture has a blinking green light where the status indicator is. I'm currently waiting on another theater technician to call if she has a moment. Because honestly even my boss is having issues troubleshooting this. 

  • How do I go about patching it as QS Stage in the console? 

  • in patch select the channel, {Type} and then from the library use ETC S4 LED S2 Lustr QS Stage.

  • Now it's patched as S4 LED Lustr+ QS Stage but still doesn't work. When I originally logged into a new file there was already a type saved as a favourite. It is S4 LED S2 Lustr HSIC StrFan +7. I'm not even sure if that was the correct one or not because that didn't work either so I started trying different types of fixtures. Is the DMX indicator on the back of the fixture supposed to be blinking green or is it supposed to be solid green? 

  •   is on the right track with making sure you have to correct fixture type patched for the mode your fixture is set to but if the DMX indicator light is flashing, this means there is no dmx output and won't respond no matter the profile settings in the console.

    You mentioned starting a new show.  Is there any other fixtures patched in this show file that work?  Also, double check that you have patched to a DMX output address.  Simply patching a desk channel and fixture type won't output DMX.  Make sure there is a number in the address column as well.  You also need to make sure you have patched to the correct universe assigned to your LX1 lighting rail.  The status light should be green when receiving DMX.  Review the video below to ensure you have everything patched.  Also, try opening an old show file that has fixtures on LX1 patched and functioning and review the patch.  This will help identify anything you may have missed in your new file.

  • The former lighting tech retired and didn't use the ion board. Nobody else knows how to use it so I've been teaching myself thanks to the internet and as of today this forum. I've removed the Quick Setup of Stage and left it blank. The DMX is ran from the fixture across the LX to a DataStream 4 box on side of the theatre. I've got the fixture set to 100 and the DMX Start Address also set to 100. The universe showing is universe 1. So when I try to patch the fixture I've done the following steps:

    {Patch} Ch 100 Address 150 Enter {Confirm} 

    Which gives Channel 100 Pt 1(100) and Pt 2(150)

    I feel like part 2 isn't supposed to be there and its just supposed to read as:

    Chan:      Address:         Type:           

    100.       150.          Dimmer.

    150.        (blank).       S4 LED S2 Lustr HSIC StrFan+7(This is what was in favourites before I started anything last week). I'd be willing to change and post all info if someone could give a written step by step. I watched the video but I can't get mine to patch right. Thanks. 

  • There are a couple things here...

    1) If your current set-up is an XLR cables (3 or 5 pin) from the back of the ION console to a Datastream and then out to your fixture, this is just standard DMX output and not sACN so we won't have any network issues to diagnose.

    2) I beleive you are on a classic ION console (navy blue square console with grey trim and grey wheels at the top).  Please confirm.

    3) It's been a while since I've been on an classic ION but from memory, double tapping the {Address} softkey should open the patch window.  Also, to patch this fixture at Channel 100 and DMX Start Address 100, the command should be 100 [At] 100 [Enter].  Channel is the number you will call up the fixture with at the console and Address is the DMX Start Address that needs to match what is set on the back of the fixture.  You might want to delete the fixture from you patch list first and try patching again.  This can be done by [Delete] 100 [Enter] [Enter] then repatch using 100 {Type} select the fixture profile [At] 100 [Enter].

    4) You are also going to want to check your System Settings to ensure your DMX ports are enabled to output from the back of the console (assuming you have confirmed #1 above is your current set-up).  We can review this after you review the above.

  • There's a five pin in DMX port 1 and another five pin in DMX port 2. I am on classic ion board as you described. I changed it to 100 to 100 and now it looks like this:

    Chan:       Address:         Type:

    100.          100-114.         S4 LED S2 Lustr HSIC StrFan+7.

    While setting any of the channels 100-114 does nothing I did exit the application and went to the main menu. From there I selected Settings < Network. There it has Console port 1 & port 2(Which are both offline and says: "Error, networks must not be on the same subnet"

    Output Protocols Port 1 & Port 2

    Both have sACN check marked. 

    Neither has anything for Net 2-EDMX 

    Port 1 has nothing else but Port 2 has AVAB UDP checked and Artnet. 

    I feel I was doing exceptionally well for someone with zero knowledge and no experience when I first started with all the lights on the stage. But this is the first of 4 LED lights they want to get operational and I'm struggling terribly so. I appreciate the help everyone's given so far. But trying to get this light working has caused me over 8 hours of grief.