Gadget 2 in Windows 11 VM

In the absence of UpdaterAtor for macOS I've been trying to get my Gadget 2 to work in a Windows 11 VM using VMware Fusion. The Gadget 2 works fine in Concert on my MacBook M2 Sonoma 14.3.1, but I cannot get the Windows VM to recognize it.

I know this question is a long shot but I thought I would see if someone else might have tried this and I really don't want to buy another computer just for UpdaterAtor.

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  • IDK. My experience with USB passthrough is Windows/Virtualbox and VMware ESXi for IoT programming.

    In Virtualbox, host USB devices must be configured to be available to the client. Some devices need a filter to prevent them from being captured by the host which makes them unavailable for the client to use. You might be tripping over something similar.