Mosaic Designer Fixture library

The project I am working on is using a MSC controller and I am using Mosaic Designer 2 to for programming.  The fixtures are LED RGBW with intensity manugfacturer is Lumenwerx model VIA4RR-HLO-QUADRO-15WF-8-120-RGBW3000K. 

There is no personality file for these fixtures and I have been having a problem trying to turn off the white.  I've been finding that every personality file I've tried gives me a Red, Green, Blue, Hue, Saturation, and intensity but no white function fader. Is this cause of the personality files or is there a function button in the Mosaic Designer software that I have missed?

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  • Hi ARVTO-

    Please email me the profiles that you are using and the manual for the fixture that details the DMX control footprint. There are parameters that you set within the profile that can be found within the Scene Tab of MD and others that are controlled via color effects within the timeline tab.

    Have a great day!
  • Hi Christopher,

    Thanks for the response. I wasn't able to find a dmx profile from the manufacturer of the product, but I did find a profile that seems to function LED-RGBWI-8Bit. I guess the last question I would have regarding the adjustment of color, is where do I find it? I wasn't able to find it in the timeline or scene tabs.

    I've also been asked to find out what TCP and UDP ports are required for using mosaic to connect and control an MCS unit.
  • Hi ARVTO-

    With regards to generic RGBWI fixtures the RGBW cluster is controlled when using a color effect within the timeline tab or creating a scene within the scene tab.

    Scene Tab:

    With regards to TCP/UDP ports you can set those up within MD's Network Tab:

  • Hi Christopher,

    Thanks, that helps but I have another for you.

    Hi I am trying to use a pc connected on a client network to communicate through a router and control an ETC MSC controller on a separate network. To do this I need to know what TCP and UDP ports the mosaic software uses to communicate so that I can forward those ports through the router.