Where can I download the Light Designer and Control Designer software ?

Can you provide a URL link ?

I would like to introduce myself to these software products and their capabilities.

Is there a similar link to the Pharos product ?

Is there an article comparing the Pharos to the LightDesigner ?

Where can I find a detailed user guide/ reference guide ?




  • Dan,

    LightDesigner is a tool intended for ETC technicians to commission a Unison Paradigm Control System. It is possible for the software to be used by a site or end-user, however there is training required before the software is provided. LightDesigner is a powerful tool used to configure every attribute of the control system.

    ControlDesigner is a software tool for configuring the graphics and page navigation for a Paradigm Touchscreen. This software will be publicly available later this year, but is currently a technician tool.

    Pharos Designer is a free software for configuring Pharos LPC products and their expansion module. This software can be downloaded for PC or Mac using the link from the www.etcconnect.com website at:



    If you have specific questions about the software, or their capabilities, I would be happy to discuss them with you.

  • Thx Bryan.

    Is there an article comparing the 2 lines of products?



  • A brief overview:


    Paradigm is a complete dimming and lighting control application meant for mainly architectural purposes.  This includes wall stations and touchscreen controls.


    Pharos is a lighting playback controller - It does not have any dimming component to it, although it can control dimmers.  It is more meant to meet the needs of a standalone thing.


    The two can talk to one another in the right set of circumstances (which aren't that difficult to come by.)


    An example : Paradigm would do the lighting control for an entire building while the pharos would do some specialized control for some LED fixtures that were in that building. 


    Does that help?


  • Do you have tool that simply reads the .pcf or lcdconf files for documentation about zones etc. loaded?


  • Where can I get the training and software. I need to be able to manage the systems and solve our house lighting issues that have been inherent since installation 12 years ago

  • Hi Peter. This post is rather old. Brian has since left ETC. 

    There are two softwares we are talking about as the original post clarified  Light Designer and Control Designer.

    Are you on a Unsion legacy it a Paradigm System to start?

    Also what venue and if by any chance possible is there an ETC Job number posted somewhere for this venue  usually it starts with 1500xxxx unless it’s really old  

    Additionally what are the house lighting issues you are experiencing if you have more details?  Control, zoning, flickering, other?

    Light Designer is still a proprietary software ETC has to configure Paradigm. As systems have actually gotten more complex over the last 10-15 year, especially with life safety and energy requirements like title 24, this software is pretty much exclusively only for certified techs to use at this point due to the increased programming complexity  

    Apologies your system has had so many issues with the house lost. I would suggest reaching out to the original ETC installer or if you have another ETC dealer you are working with since the original install ask them for a site visit and get a quote to update the configuration. We are also happy to make recommendations for service providers in your area  

    There are lots of things that go into the configurations. There certainly could be things programmed wrong at install, but most time it’s that people want the ability to re-record or access things differently from button or touchscreens than how it was originally designed and those features can be added into a configuration update but then not actually require the software after the fact  

    if you have touchscreens in your system that is what control designer is for. That is basically just building the GUI interface for the layout and design but not the actual programming and patching that is done inside light designer. 

    that software is located here and is available to download. But once again it’s really just to see the layout of your touchscreen or pre making  a touchscreen layout before a tech arrives.