Multiple Universes on Paradigm

Hi, I am trying to record some event presents on our Paradigm system, however it only seems to be recording the 1st universe’s values. Is there a way to patch a 2nd universe into the system myself? Or is it something I would need to contact ETC support for. I am programming on an Ion XE if that helps. Thanks!

  • Hi Mr Techie!

    Unfortunately, this will require a technician to visit your theatre to update. While your request isn't too difficult, we have technicians do this work so that if there are any issues along the way, they can handle them. 

    Rather than contact tech service, I'd suggest reaching out to your local Authorized Service Provider, which can be found here:



  • Hi Shawn,

    I manage a small performing arts center in Florida and I have been trying to get ETC to let me take the certification course for years, so that I can manage/update/maintain our Paradigm ACP in house rather than having to call in (and pay for) an Authorized Service Provider, but I haven't had any luck. I'm wondering where ETC stands regarding Right to Repair in the US and the ability for owners of equipment to maintain that equipment - I know that the Right to Repair movement has made some pretty significant strides in the EU and it's my hope that EU regulations forcing ETC to change their policy abroad will trickle down to us here in the States.

    I can appreciate requiring technicians to undergo certification before unlocking their equipment and/or making configuration software available to them, but if you're going to lock down the equipment/software like this, then I believe you have to offer owners an avenue to certification. I had to certify with Extron in order to be able to configure our control processor for that system - that was no problem. A few weeks of study and a practical exam and here I am - able to maintain our system as it grows and extremely happy with our Extron rep. I wish I could say the same for ETC.

  • Hello and good day,

    ETC does offer site specific training on the Paradigm software suite. It is not overly cheap. We have provided this for many large conference centers and sports arena who are making regular changes. You can contact your preferred dealer to get a quote for the training.

    You can also have a look at this article about what you can do on your own with the Web UI


    Mike Meskill

  • As someone who never takes broken for an answer I fully appreciate your thoughts on the right to repair and can tell you that when it comes to hardware, you can call us for documentation and schematics anytime.

    We hold and share our product and system drawings from an archive that goes back to our first products and installations. 

    When it comes to software, we offer many tools that allow you to monitor and configure your system. Concert being a prime example of something built from the ground up as a user tool to configure power control products and network devices. 

    But in some cases when it comes to potentially system-level destructive configuration software, we  err on the side of caution as to when to distribute it. History has been our guide here and not an unwillingness to share. And as Mike said we do offer training in several forms. 

    As for becoming an authorized service provider, remember in addition to coming to training this is entering into a relationship where the ASP and ETC collaborate to start up systems. There are continuing education requirements and a part of the relationship includes authorization got the ASP to billing us for their time. This is more of a working relationship between partners than product school. As a result we have some specific criteria around who we admit into those sessions.

    It has nothing to do with preventing users from learning, in fact, 2/3rds of the material from those classes is for free in LearningStage.  Additionally, keep your eyes peeled for our next CUE. These are week-long user training sessions on products, processes, and all things ETC. COVID has halted them in the past but keep an ear to the ground.

    In addition to the article Mike mentioned, we also have a class in LearningStage that covers how to use the front panel and webui to monitor and make many changes to your system. Check this class out as it might provide a solution to your needs

    Hope this helps

    David Fox