Bluetooth Echo Access for Commission only, Remove to run?

Is it possible, for me to purchase my own Bluetooth Echo Access device, connect it to a Client Echo System, and use it to setup the Zone Controllers and Control Stations, then remove it from the system. Will the system retain the programming, so the client uses control stations for the system without changing through the Echo Access App, or does it have to stay with the system?

  • Hi there!

    This is absolutely possible! In fact, many of our technicians carry a BT EchoAccess with them for commissioning purposes. The programming lives within the devices themselves, so removing the EchoAccess won't cause any issues.

    Another option that might make that easier is an Echo Bridge as that will allow you to connect your computer and configure the Echo system with EchoAccess for PC through our concert software. There's no difference between the PC or mobile app, but some technicians prefer the network connection and working from a PC.



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