Bluetooth Echo Access for Commission only, Remove to run?

Is it possible, for me to purchase my own Bluetooth Echo Access device, connect it to a Client Echo System, and use it to setup the Zone Controllers and Control Stations, then remove it from the system. Will the system retain the programming, so the client uses control stations for the system without changing through the Echo Access App, or does it have to stay with the system?

  • Hi there!

    This is absolutely possible! In fact, many of our technicians carry a BT EchoAccess with them for commissioning purposes. The programming lives within the devices themselves, so removing the EchoAccess won't cause any issues.

    Another option that might make that easier is an Echo Bridge as that will allow you to connect your computer and configure the Echo system with EchoAccess for PC through our concert software. There's no difference between the PC or mobile app, but some technicians prefer the network connection and working from a PC.



  • Very interesting. I may do that, I prefer having all of the little config files available on my laptop which is just easier to setup with my Onedrive folder. That was really nice of Concert to add in that functionality.

    Then the next question I have, since the programming lives in the controllers and the system programming is sent by the Access Device, or EEB as I'm looking at. I would assume it's not really possible to "download" the current Echo programming? or is that an option when you bring an Access online for the first time? I haven't really worked with Echo at all, but I have a project where I'm looking into an Echo system that's separate from the Building Paradigm, or maybe i will put them together, we'll have to see how that plays out.

  • It is possible! Let's say a technician programmed the system previously with an Access or Bridge that was removed. When you're called out to do some work on the system and you connect your Access or Bridge, you can see the current configuration of each of those devices as they were previously set. If you hit 'Save' it will download that device's config as it sits!

    Hope that helps! 

  • Most definitely. I'll be looking to add one of these to my setup soon

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