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Why is my echo touch station shutting off the second echo touch station?

We have 2 echo touch stations, one to control our house lights and the other to control power to our fixtures. When we select a setting on the first button station and then select a button on the second button station the lights from the first button station goes off. They are both assigned different spaces.

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  • Hi John! We have quite a few projects with the name Bakersfield in the name, so it's a bit hard to narrow it down that way. I would recommend taking as many pictures of your system as possible and reaching out to our support team for assistance. If you provide them the address of the building where the product is installed, we should be able to look up the system from there. 

    As Chris mentioned, the Echo Preset Stations you provided don't connect directly to the Response Gateways, so there is definitely some equipment in the middle somewhere. We can help you more once we can find out a bit more about your system.

    You can reach our support group by email or phone:

    (800) 688-4116


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