Has anyone managed to connect a visualiser to ColorSource 40 AV ?, I Have been using MagicVis from Chamsys as there does not appear to be a visualiser available for ETC (yet) but I have been unsuccessful in connecting it to the coloursource

  • I use Capture, however any visualiser that can listen to sACN (E1.31) or Art-Net Art-DMX should work once the visualiser is properly configured.

    The most common visualiser configuration issues are getting your visualiser to listen on the right network connection (most computers these days have at least two), and firewall troubles.

    Note that if you're using Art-Net you must be in the same IP subnet and segment.
    Pretty much all domestic routers will block Art-Net from WiFi, and many block it completely.

    sACN is generally easier to get working as the IP addresses don't matter and most of the cheap network switches and routers let it through.

  • Hi BrianUnleashed,

    Any third party sACN viz will work with the ColorSource AV model as you can use the network port directly to a computer. We often use Light Converse or Capture. It works great, just a few quick IP settings to make.  If you had a regular Color Source Console you would have to do a fun trick if using a gateway to change the dmx outputs basically into sACN and have a network switch to join them all. I hope this helps. 

  • Thanks Richard and Chris, I have downloaded a student version of Capture, and will try connecting it. Currently looking at the tutorials.

  • ETC also has a few standalone virtual venues that you can use too. You can’t esitnor add lights but it’s a good way to practice. My biggest advice on connecting your system to capture is turn off and disable WiFi on your computer so it knows very clearly what network it’s trying to listen to sACN from.