Fixture profile request v-show Goku s716

fixture request: v show s716 Goku. I tried to make a fixture profile but it didnt work S716-Goku.pdf

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  • Hello   would you be willing to share your profile so that we can have a look at it?  Also, which version of ColorSource console and Profile Editor are you using?  If you are using ColorSource v3.2+, you will want to use the ColorSource Personality Editor v3.2.0, available to download here: ColorSource Consoles

    It seems like these should be the right settings for 16-bit dimming of this fixture

    I notice that parameter 8 is Strobe, and it defaults to "closure" (closed, I'm guessing).  You may want to try setting the Home value to one of the Open ranges (DMX 105 or 210) to see if that makes the light come on.