Fixture profile request v-show Goku s716

fixture request: v show s716 Goku. I tried to make a fixture profile but it didnt work S716-Goku.pdf

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  • Hello Derek,

    The parameters' values look right.

    If you Hibernate your console (leave it plugged in, but in "sleep mode") then when you press the power button the lights should come back on, in the same place, as where you went into Hibernate mode.

    If you completely cut power to the lightboard, and you have not recorded cues, then the fixtures will Home as though you had pressed Clear > All.  If you have Cues recorded, then they will go to the location/settings of the first Cue in the cue list.

    I would also suggest having a look at your "Include Options" when storing Cues or Playbacks.  

    You may wish to select "All" so that even lights that are not active (Intensity is at 0%) will be recorded.

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