Parameter Definitions list corrupted

I had a weird experience the other day.

I started to program some effects when I found that the effects parameters were not showing up on the encoders correctly.

After investigating, I found that the Parameter Definitions list had become corrupted.  There were multiple instances of number 0, 1, 2,...  O on the list was showing 1 line for intensity and another line for one of the effects parameters.  The same with two lines of 1 in the list showed Pan and Ch. Source.

The effects parameters existed further in the list in their customary places, too.

The problem seemed to occur in a specific show file.  And, I was able to recover from a flash drive a version before the list became corrupted.  I had by that time saved more than 9 times, so the back-ups on the hard drive were also corrupted.

It seems like it was some sort of anomaly.  From the time stamp on the files, it occured around the time that I shutdown a back-up Cobalt Nomad PC.  This is not something that I have experienced before.  It seems like some sort of weird "barf" of code.

I have tried to attach the show file from the experience but I keep getting an error on the upload.  I will email the file to cobalt(at)...

Take care,