pipes in augmented

hello, is there a way to choose pipe origine as the middle rather than the end? Plus, when i have to rotate a pipe, it changes the xyz of the fixtures linked, so i have to calculate depending pipe origin and pipe rotations. is there a project to make this evolve?

  • There is not currently a method to change the origin of an object (procedural or standard). This is on our list for future improvements.

    For your nested fixtures, that is expected behaviour as they retain their positions relative to the origin of the parent object and if that moves, so do they. If your fixtures are in the final position before the pipe is rotated before you nest them (such as from a Vectorworks import), we recommend rotating and positioning the pipe prior to nesting the fixtures to it.

  • thanks for the answers.

    It perfectly makes sense to get the postition relative to the origin of the parent object, but isn't there a way to keep the fixture axis in the world order?

    not sure i'm very clear, but i think it's really laborious that x y and z dont still match with world. fixtures could keep parent's origin (so moving with the parent when the parent moves) but also keep xyz same order as in absolute

  • I'm not sure I understand your question. You can still see the world position in the inspector in Augment3d with the fixture selected. In 3.1.0+ you will also be able to see the world position in Patch as well. (Note:Position will still be editing the same relative position not the world values)

    See:Eos 3.1 Open Beta  for a version of 3.1.0 that you can try.

    However, by necessity, a fixture cannot maintain its world position and also move with the parent object. It is one or the other.

  • will try beta as soon as i can. 

    my question wasn't about world 's values, but just about having to first get what are xyz directions before moving the fixture with relative values.

    exemple: if i rotated on the y axis a pipe to make it vertical, the fixture gets pos x and z inverted regarding world x z. it's just a gymnastic i'm not used to i guess. 

  • This is called Intrinisic Tait-Bryan ZYX rotation. It means when an object is nested within another its position and orientation is relative to the parent, and rotation follows a specific order. This is a fairly critical part of any 3D tooling.