on ion xe with eos 3.1.2, fixture loose their physical appearance sometimes

hello, i have a weird problem. i use a ion xe as backup and another one in master. i updated both of them with eos 3.1.2. In the backup (in which we work most of the time) , a few days ago, as we had a doubt with our vl fixtures, i updated all the fixtures show (show built on eos 3.1) and the result was very strange: my tw1 swapped their appearance for generic par led, my down lights replaced by profiles, and other stuff. but the same show appeared right in the Master and in my computer. The only way i found: reinstall (repair) eos3.1.2 in the backup,  and everything went good. then few days later, same stuff, still only in the backup. i installed-repaired firmware again, bug fixed.  Yesterday same again. i did the operation again and took a log file of mybackup.  Since i made an upgrade of all fixtures, this happens sometimes, and only in the ion where i upgraded fixtures. Anyome with same issue? does someone from etc want the log file ? (as everytime i install-repair firmware again, not sure if the log file can keep a trace of this, and even if i gave a copy of my show from eos backup, pretty sure fixtures would get their right appearance in any other system)

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