X/Y axis confusion after rotating fixture

We're loading this show in and have had to rotate some fixtures to get them to fit.  When they were first rotated, Augment3d did its usual thing of being a little confused about where the fixtures needed to point to get to the right place, but I've noticed that if I just leave it alone for an hour or so and come back it will suddenly have figured it out and X/Y and pan/tilt will both be correct and useable.

Then, we had to re-rotate one of these rotated fixtures back to where it started, and Augment3d is struggling to figure this one out.  When I grab the fixture and move it around with pan/tilt, what Augment3d shows me agrees with real life, but now for some reason when I move the X focus, it will move along the real world's Y axis in real life and vice-versa.  Oddly, when moved in P/T, the X/Y/Z values in the live table look correct, but the moment I try to send it to a specific X/Y/Z coordinate, it's off by 90º.


In the course of writing this post I tried some things and seemed to resolve it, but I figured a forum post about this annoyance is worth posting anyway.  The simple trick was just moving the fixture out of the group it was a part of.  Moving it back into that group didn't re-break it.