A3D Upside Down Fixture

I asked this sometime back, sorry. I've placed my fixtures in A3D and everything works except the fixtures appear to be physically upside down. Remind me how can I invert them to look more realistic please? Notice how the beam is shining through the yoke!

  • This is actually quite simple to answer. You're using an old version of the fixture profile that lacks important information regarding the physical layout of the fixture.

    Support Article: Eos Fixture Profiles must be up-to-date for Augment3d Functionality

  • Ouch. The problem with these inexpensive Chinese fixtures is that any Profile found found in the library doesn't coincide with my chan/dmx line up! In fact we have two sets ordered at different times and though physically the same they have different firmware! Hence I have make my own profiles. I'm thinking if I find a profile in the library and then modify it, maybe that will solve the problem. As said it more an asthetic problem as the A3D model works. The darn things just look upside down.

    If one does write profiles is there a place in the process you can change the orientation do you know?

  • No worries, also in this case there is a solution. The information missing in your custom fixture profile is the distance from base to the tilt axis, because that's where the head is supposed to be located in relation to the base.

    In Patch > Fixtures select your custom fixture, use the softkey {Physical Data} and then look for Hang to Focus Offset Z. You want this to be around -0.4 (metric), -1.3' (feet) or -1'4" (feet/inches).

    After changing this value don't forget to use the green button {Save Fixture} on screen.

  • We're a state school theater proram (i.e. not a lot of $$$) and have just bought some of these Chinese fixtures. After quickly realizing that finding a "matching" profile was like searching for a needle in a haystack, I started creating custom profiles. The good news is that this taught me a TON about fixture and their profiles, but the bad news is that I cannot for the life of me get the model in Augment3d to behave the way the real life moving heads work (specifically, pan is inverted.) 

    I see below that there are some parts of the fixture profiles that I was unaware of, so are there other places I could be looking for this, do you (or anyone) know?

    I've already been through the troubleshooting guide here https://support.etcconnect.com/ETC/Consoles/Augment3d/Troubleshooting_Fixtures_with_Physically_Different_Movement_than_Visualized_Movement and nothing's helped, other than I verified that it's my pan that's inverted.

  • The fix for that should be to invert the DMX ranges for pan in the fixture editor. Did that not work?

  • I will try again this afternoon, but if I recall it broke my expected behavior on the real fixtures, and the real ones and the Augment3d ones were still not in agreement. But it's possible I only did the User min/max, so I'll try anything at this point! :)

  • Okay, I couldn't wait so I dashed over to the theater. Reversing the DMX values to go from 255 to 0 didn't do, but it did cause my mouse movement on pan to go opposite to what I want (which is expected.) But Augment3d still didn't reflect reality. 

    On a whim, I decided to go in and change the user range too. I changed that from -360 to 180, to 180 to -360. 

    Now Augment3d reflects reality (yay!) but on the ML Controls, the pan/tilt box keeps the dot for my fixtures all the way on one side - it doesn't move at all (although it responds to my mouse movement in the box.)

    Thoughts? How can I get all of the things working at the same time! I feel like this is something simple I'm missing, somewhere! I'm hoping so, anyway!

    And thanks so much for chiming in!

  • Before we go through the pain of lowering our lights to toggle a couple of options on the LEDs, is there a way to send that to them via EOS? I think I finally figured out my issue with Augment3D not lining up with reality. I need Pan/Tilt swapped (that's already good on the ones in the air) but I need Pan swap set to "off", but Tilt swap set to "on". Right now I have both pan and tilt "off" on the actual devices (I figured I'd do it all in EOS, but that doesn't work!). I need to change that setting, and they are super inaccessible in the air, and lowering them is a major undertaking.
    It's a 17 channel generic LED. Channel 17 has a "reset" range, which I haven't figured out how to use yet, (it's mapped in Patch, but doesn't show up on ML Controls) but will if it's likely to give me what I want.
    Any ideas?
    But also, yay possible solutions!
  • Resets generally want a full value in that chan for 5 seconds or so. If you can find the DMX adress of that chan 17 offset then ### @// (cmd line changes to DMX) 255 [Enter] should do it. I don't know of a way to change the fixtures own PT reverses from EOS. When we install we always leave them at off, then as need be reverse the signal values from the EOS.