Zoom curve in A3D


I have some JB Lighting P9 and P10 and the zoom is not linear in real life. in A3D the full out zoom and minimum zoom is matching real life but not in between. the zoom is slow start and actually start to get bigger at 7-10% this making A3D always to big except at full out and minimum zoom.

Is it some way to edit this to match? 

Thanks, Johannes

  • This is one of the weaknesses of every visualizer out there, because this sort of information isn't often published, but rather must be manually profiled by having physical access to the fixture. So just about every library simply assumes a linear distribution. This is also true for all of the various modes and macros available within a fixture. So if you set a custom dimming curve via the fixture via DMX, or such as a color chase macro, etc., none of those will find their way into any visualizer because they're not providing those actual macro info from the fixture to ETC or any other visualizer for that matter.

  • I had a look at the zoom behavior of a P18 today. It's a bit more complicated than it looks at first glance, but I assume it's similar with P9 and P10.

    A P18 has a zoom range of 7 to 56°. With Edge=0 there is no zoom change in real life between Zoom 7 and 23. But with Edge=100 zoom changes are visible from the very beginning.

    Zoom=7 and Edge=0 shows about the same beam size as Zoom=28 and Edge=100.

    So the problem is actually twofold:

    • Eos pretends that the Edge parameter is actually a frost, i.e. not influencing the zoom, only softening the edge.
    • Nothing pertaining to the relationship of Zoom and Edge is documented 

    Finally: you can modify the fixture profile to help with non-linearity, but unfortunately you'll loose the encoder's value being displayed.