OSC Command for Master Load

Do we have any OSC access to the master fader load button?  I want to put a load button for the master on my OSC remote.  I've got the load buttons for the faders on fader pages.  

  • Thats what I needed. Thanks Much!!
  • Brilliant!

    I was just about to post a query about this and found it by search.

    I have a follow up question - How do I set up two master faders? I have tries a few things but nothing seems to work for me.


  • I don't think the master faders are available through osc.  I will poke around a bit and see if I can figure out for sure.  What are you trying to do that requires the use of osc for the master faders that you can't do through the use of numbered faders?

  • I believe the master faders are accessible using an index of 0 in your OSC address.

  • Thanks for your reply. It seems unlikely that the master faders or the intensity wheel are available through osc but I have managed some workarounds. Intensity can be controlled via an encoder and I have managed to map two faders on my fader wing to behave as manual masters so I think I’ll have to settle for that.
    The downtime supplied by Covid 19 has given me the opportunity to work on my Nomad setup and on OSC mapping as well as magic sheets. 

  • I saw that somewhere but couldn’t work out the syntax. Something like

    /EOS/fader/0/1 was suggested by someone but nothing happened when I tried that. 

  • Denis appears correct, sorry about that. I remembered seeing it in the manual as that, but I just went and tried it out with a few different constructs, and it does not seem to work as described. 

  • Following this recent conversation, I have tired a few more ideas, including /eos/fader/0/manual_master but I am afraid it still didn't work. I think I will have to admit defeat on this one. 

    I have taken a previously designed layout and customised it to my own preferences and at this stage I am quite happy with it. I think I will upload it to the github site to share it with others.

    Thanks to all who made suggetions here and elsewhere, allowing me to get it this far.


  • I now have the Touch OSC layout working very well, thanks to advice from people on this and other forums. The layout on which I based my design had a page showing ten faders and buttons which should allow you to move through the fader pages using the following syntax:

    to go up a page: /eos/fader/1/page/1

    to go down a page: /eos/fader/1/page/-1

    Within Nomad showfile, I have master faders set up on page 4, so if I could get to that in Touch OSC, it would give me access to the master faders I have been trying to set up. The problem is that when testing, I find that this works some of the time but not all of the time, so there must be a conflicting command elsewhere in the file. In fact, without trying to move pages, this page on the layout only works some of the time, so putting the faders on page 1 wouldn't work either.

    I am still trying to get my head around the syntax for entering commands within Touch OSC, so it's all a bit trial and error. I have access to the EOS commands, most of which are pretty obvious (/eos/key/time, for example), but I'm not sure how the more complex ones are to be expressed within Touch OSC, particularly the ones that need a few parameters, like the fader ones.

    Anyone have any ideas?