sACN and DMX patch issue

I have an ETC Ion console in one of our rooms.  We were having issues with 1 of 8 moving lights we've had plugged in and wired since 2010.  The one we're having issues with is near the middle of the linked fixtures, not at the beginning or end of the series.  So looking at the patch screen, that fixture show a  " + "  in the sACN and DMX columns, not an asterisk like all the other ones.  It's the first time I've seen that.  Anybody know what that means?  I don't see it in the manual, or at least I haven't come upon it yet.  Thanks in advance!

  • Is it actually not working anymore or have you just noticed the difference? Asterisk means that the respective protocol is active because you selected Standard and this protocol is one if the standard protocols. Plus means that you actively selected the respective protocol.

    Regarding output it shouldn't make a difference. As long as the column has either an asterisk or a plus that have that the protocol is active

  • The fixture is on but doesn't respond to any commands.  Where it's located it is difficult to change to a different address, like an address used by another fixture to see if it responds at all.  But we'll have to do that, which is the only other thing I thought to do other than change cables out.  I had just never seen a + sign in any columns before.  Thanks for your help.

  • It might just be worth clicking on the + sign and changing the assignment to default just in case its not on the interface you think its on.  Seems a bit of a coincidence that the patch for that channel is not set to default. (also just from a keeping things tidy, its not good to have it different for no good reason).

  • I will try that and see if it changes.  It didn't used to be that way.  I have the Ion console in my assistants office that used to be in this space, and looked at the same channel in patch and it has asterisk's.  So at some point it changed, accidentally I'm sure.

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