News about OSC software

1. Unfortunately Luminosus is no more maintained, see
2. There is a new version of TouchOSC available, it is not really free for desktop versions (about € 18.- for desktop version € 11.- for iOS or iPadOS) but you can also work directly on a desktop and there are many improvement including LUA scripting support.

3. As an alternative there is a free desktop program called Open Stage Control

Both have version for macOS, Linux and Windows, TouchOSC also for iOS, iPadOS and Android (Google and Amazon)

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  • I have been using the mk 1 for many years, this new version seems very interesting, I am using it these days and I have had some OSC problems on my laptop and old Mac, no problems on the desktop pc. tested versions eos 2.9, 3.0.2, 3.1 beta. With MK 1 no problem in all three of my machines, pc desk, MacBook laptop .. Being in love with Luminosus, unfortunately no longer maintained, here you wrote that it could replace it .. how? with the same approach? connecting various midi hardware? do i have all audio features (are to light, bpm) that are in luminosus? I still haven't been able to figure out how, can you give me some advice? '

  • Yes, Luminous is missing, also Sound2Light is not maintained in moment. TouchOSC can replace the OSC remote features, nothing else. Only MIDI functionality is build in, but never used it. There is also a MIDI bridge.
    For audio maybe node based tools like QuarzComposer or VUO helps to create sound to light functionality.

  • LUMINOSUS was a really great job, I suppose everyone would be willing to pay for it ... sometimes doing things "for free" is a mistake !! LUMINOSUS contained in itself a perfect tool of which many important things for that not present in Eos, such as the audio section in / sound to light. I would be willing to pay even € 200 for this software! I will look at the links you entered, many thanks, however on Windows it can still be used without problems I suppose.

  • Hello, I'm Windows (proudly) user so no Qlab, no Vuo, no Vezer... I'm still using Luminous too, but as an alternative you can try Isadora Troikatronix software ( Is born as a media server, but to synchronize audio/video/lights trough osc and midi is awesome, kind of Qlab, but bit nerdy and ten times more customizable! As in Luminous you can also design your interface with faders, knobs and buttons.

    Regarding Luminous is really a pitty that nobody take over the maintenance, maybe in the future ETC could do it. There is a big community that using just a laptop with a Gadget interface and ETC dongle, so why not...