Can Eos Send OSC to Two Devices?

So I'm working on a show that the Eos is supposed to send OSC to both Sound and Video, but I can only get one or the other to work at a time.
There's a Cue List 1 and 2, and I have OSC Send Cue Strings attached to each cue list. List 1 triggers Video, and List 2 triggers Audio. This way I can only get video to trigger, and if I swap lists Audio will trigger.
I have successfully triggered both, and IP addresses are in the OSC UDP TX IP Address under OSC. Both receiving computers are port 53000.
I'm just kinda baffled on how I can get one but not the other and would appreciate any guidance. I've not had to do two triggers at the same time before, and the documentation isn't super helpful on if this is even possible.
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  • I can confirm that I have sent OSC from an Eos console to five discrete IP addresses at the same time with no go-between software.  One must add each of those addresses to the OSC UDP TX IP Address in Setup with space or comma or semicolon between each one.  It might look like this:

    Note that by specifying "" I am telling Eos software to override the "OSC UDP TX Port" setting for and instead send to port 53000.

    So far as I am aware there is not a specific limit to the number of addresses you could specify here, but I have only confirmed working up to 5.