What am I doing wrong with OSC subscriptions?

I'm trying to subscribe to some parameter updates....  So many holes in the documentation, and so many versions of the documentation floating around...

It looked like, from the v3.1.0 User Manual that you could just send it as an OSC command:


I get a message that "enable/disable" is missing. So I passed it in not as part of the path but as a separate argument, 1, and that didn't return an error, but it also doesn't send me updates when intensity changes.

Without being able to find any good examples, I have to ask what I am doing wrong.

The docs seemed to say that I should be seeing this in the output:


Unknown what values it returns since that isn't documented and I can't get it to send anything. Slight smile

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  • We want to help but without knowing how whatever software you are using defines the address separate from the argument we can not assist.  I tried to give examples of how I have done it on one piece of software.  If you could supply some additional info we could help.  If you include images of the incoming message from tab 99 in the eos software that may help us diagnose what is happening.

  • Here is a pic of tab 99 where I subscribed to the intensity parameter maybe this will be helpful.  It may be that you don't have some other setup option turned on... knowing what software you are using will help figure that part out as well because there are multiple methods of connecting to the console with osc.