learning/recording an event sequence with lights triggered by an external sound to light source


in this setup I use luminosus with sound to light to trigger a light source in ETC nomad. Everything works fine, as long as I just let the sound file trigger the light via luminosus. Now I need to record that in a timecode sequence. If I rund the sound file like before the light gets triggered but there is no event sequence recorded.

When I do the triggering of the light manually, hitting my submaster button, the timecode sequence is recorded. 

Is it not possible to record a event sequence when the light is triggered by an external source? Any hints would be great:-)

Btw.: this only works one older machines, MB 2015, and not on a new one like MB 2021 silicon, because luminosus and the sound to light software don't run on the newer ones.

Is there by any chance an other way to get lights triggered by sound?

All the Best