eos/get/cmd ???

Is there a way to get Eos to stop spamming the useless OSC strings about softkeys and whatnot and to instead just send a singular "/eos/out/cmd, LIVE: Cue 1..." upon request?

I'm monitoring what it's doing via Tab99 (which by the way refuses to land where I want it to land). It constantly spams all these OSC strings about softkeys and other random stuff. The documentation is absolutely useless. The organization and interface of the manual is impossible for my ADHD brain to focus on for more than 5 seconds. I have no idea what button I'm supposed to press to turn that spamming off but still be able to ask it for stuff I need. You'd think /eos/get/cmd would do the trick, but of course not. 

I've figured out that I can trick it into giving me the command line info by just adding a + sign to it, or really anything other character with "/eos/cmd" and "+" as the argument, but surely there is a way of just asking it for what I need without having to trick it by adding useless junk to the command line. And that only works some of the time because it's really easy to mess it up such that it gets confused and just stops working. Very unreliable. I just need a /eos/get/cmd equivalent that actually works. 

If not, I'll just have to brute force it into compliance with a couple dozen lines of Python.

  • Eos' OSC integration is one of the best and fully featured OSC suites from entertainment lighting control consoles out there, and there are two main "areas" as described in the manual. The first is listed in the Open Sound Control (OSC) section and the messages being sent are simply structured, and human readable. For these messages, there's no need for a call and response, making it quicker to integrate with

    Many messages are sent on changes, ensuring that the receiving device is kept up to date in a timely manner without the need for a call and response.

    You will need to parse the incoming messages and discard those that you don't need. It's fairly easy to do with a few lines of python, and performant. The python-osc library is easy to implement and well documented. https://python-osc.readthedocs.io/en/latest/dispatcher.html#mapping

    The second area is Advanced OSC, which requires a call and response and takes more time to integrate with. This area is mainly for keeping in sync with show data, as it changes. As there is much more to stay in sync with, it's up to the subscriber to tell Eos what kind of information it cares about.

    In the diagnostics tab, you can also filter to specific messages, which makes it easier to see only the messages you care about:

  • Nevermind, I'll just reconceptualize my UI so that the user opens and closes the socket with some kind of toggle and while it's enabled, all text inputs on the console will update live in my software. I really wanted just a simple "Capture" button, but it is what it is.

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