Receiving Osc to Channel

  1. Hello, 

I m locking to connect osc informations to a channel.

For example I send the information “out” from a computer and I send this information to an Eos.

In Eos I see the osc command in tab 99 and I would to link this information to a channel.

Is it possible ?

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  • You shouldn't be using wheels. Instead, you should use: /eos/user/99/chan/<Channel_Number>/param/<Parameter_Name>/override=<Value>

    This is more efficient for Eos than using the wheel command - it will also send the data as override data as opposed to manual values.

    You can configure the OSC address in Kratos.

    Are you sending via ADM-OSC, or via OSC? You need to send via OSC as ADM-OSC is specific a way of sending data via OSC. As  has said, it looks like the OSC is malformed in some manner.