Why do CueLists need a Fader?

This is another of my never-ending frustrations.

I have multiple CueLists controlling everything from Lobby Lights to House Lights to Focus order.... Each of these I control via a Macro or the RFR, NEVER via a Fader.

but every time I invoke one of these CueLists, EOS assigns it to a Fader.... Which I then have to unassign to keep my Fader Pages rolling fine. I actually built into my Houselight Macros to delete Fader 5/1 after each execution.

Why is this a desired function and is there a way to disable it?

  • Why don't you just assign them to a high numbered fader page thats out of the way of all your normal stuff and then you can leave them permanently assigned rather than having to delete them all the time.

  • Because my Fader Pages are on a toggle.

    Faders 1-20 are displayed.... Pressing [Fader Page] toggles to 21-40... Pressing [Fader Page] again toggles to 1-20 again. I don't want to have to press a button 50 times to switch pages or have to futz with with Hold+select page or have to make Macros to do the function of one button.

    As long as I keep deleting the Faders that pop up, I never toggle to fader page 5.

  • Why not use a macro to swap fader pages instead?  You can direct to any specific page.

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