Mac250 and Mac250+ fixture profile, gobo problems

Dear ETC and EOS Family Team,

Yesterday I was in a venue with Mac250 and MAc250+ units (not Entour or Krypton). I had some problems with gobo control.

On the Mac250+, I was able to rotate the gobos continuously, but only in clockwise direction. On the Mac250 (classic / non Plus), I was completely unable to rotate the gobos continuously.

I checked the fixture profile, and for both of them, it appears the profile doesn't match Martin's definition.


and page 22

EOS definition of the Mac250 (non plus) for DMX byte 5: DMX-value 0-255, user value -100 to +100. no subsections.
EOS definition of the Mac250+ for DMX byte 5: DMX-value 0-255. "Index" when Gobo wheel mode is Index, "Rot" when Gobo Wheel Mode is Rot, Rot Scan +, Spin + Rot, Spin - Rot

Martin's information for byte five (both Plus and classic): 0-2 no rotation, 3-127 CW rotation, 128-252 CCW rotation.

This (and other) information certainly doesn't align, and probably explains the problems I was seeing.

If I had regular access to such fixtures, I would attempt to adapt the fixture profile to make it work. However, I don't have access to any, so that probably isn't much of an option.

Kindest regards,


  • Upon further inspection of above documents and the EOS profiles, I'm beginning to think that probably the Mac250 had GTYP set to INdX mode, which is (maybe) possible in the fixture's menu but makes no sense for the hardware. It would explain the non-functional rotation and also the seemingly mixed-up gobos for the Mac250s. I'll try to confirm with the house technician.
    At this point a fixture update would be a 'nice to have' rather than absolutely necessary, for some other features which remain messy such as the prism effect when doing "Rot +". In an attempt to check out the problems I had, I dived deep into the fixture editor, and most of my remaining questions center around the fixture editor itself (Nomad 2.8.3) rather than the MAC250 profile. I might be back with some questions about the editor...

    Kindest regards,


  • Hi Daniel,

        The Eos profile is using the virtual parameter called "gobo wheel mode" to define whether or not DMX ch 4 is in a "standard" gobo type or an "indexed" gobo type. The mode of DMX ch 4 will affect the mode of DMX ch 5, where 0-255/0-100 range is applicable to indexed gobos and the rotation ranges (i.e. 0-1 no rotation) is applicable to standard gobos. 

          While this may explain the differences in appearance between the Eos profile and the manual's DMX chart, I believe the function Gobo Spin + and Spin - function may be broken in Eos, as selecting these options on Gobo Select will cause all gobo selections to disappear. I will inquire with the Eos team on the functionality of DMX ch 4 and ch 5 of these profiles to verify how it should work in the software.



  • uhm, not commenting on this specific issue, but since spin means the whole gobo wheel is turning there is no specific gobo to choose...

  • ah ha! that makes more sense. still waiting to hear back from the Eos team on the rest of the profile. 

  • Hi there,

    Some updates from the Eos team on the complications of the Mac250 and Mac250+ profiles. 

    1)  Counter clockwise spinning should be obtained by selecting “Spin – Rot” mode. We believe controlling the spin rate will be done by using the Gobo Select parameter. Controlling the rotating rate will be done through the Gobo Ind/Spd parameter.

    2) Mac 250 Index mode on DMX 5 is missing and has been reported as an issue to fix. 

    3) Mac 250 is missing is missing an index setting index, but for the Mac 250+ Gobo Ind/Spd changes based upon the mode. While in Index mode it varies from -197.5 to 197.5. While in Rotate modes it varies from -100 to 100%. It appears that the Mac 250+ profile is correct, but the Mac 250 is broken as mentioned in item (2).