Element2 Mapped Fader

Element2  Mapped Fader   How to operate  Thank you   2.9.1


  • Hi,

    not sure if I understand your question right..but to operate the Faders on ETCnomad in Element 2 mode (as shown in your screenshot), open Tab 28 (2nd Tab from the right in your screenshot) and use the virtual faders there. If you want to have 40 virtual faders like on the "real" Element 2 hardware, just define 2 lines and 2 rows like shown in my attached picture.

    The "Fader Position" choices on the virtual Facepanel select which Fader tiles get shown in your window..see green note in my picture.



  • Thank you answer

    How to quickly map this  

    press Load Useless   

  • It's called temporary fader mapping (manual page 247).