Wish: Solo master.

I would like a Solo mode on a fader. 

Today I had a show where that would have helped alot. I had a full stage lit and one song they wanted just a spot and some backlight. I saved it as a Preset and put it on a fader. If the fader was able to be in solo mode I could just have raised the fader and the rest (that isn't excluded from solo) would go down to zero. After the song I could have just brought it back down and the rest came back.

Now I had alot of subs that needed to be taken out and brought back after the song.

So a Solo stage for faders would be nice to have. 


  • YoU can assign a solo function for one of the two faderbuttons in the faderconfig of a fader. As long as this button is hold down all  content from other sources are supressed.  Here is whats written in the manual: Solo -plays back the content and suppresses any intensity values not provided by the associated content while the solo button is held down. When the button is released, intensity values are restored. Priority and HTP are ignored. Shielded, park and pixel mapping outputs are not affected by the solo button. This is unrelated to Solo Mode

  • jolsson is aware of that. but the button ignores timing. so there is currently no way of soloing more softly than in 0 seconds (or using LTP with a preset that records the whole rig at 0)

  • You could put the things you don't want on an inhibit sub.  Bring up the sub with the channel(s) you want and bring down the sub with the channel(s) you don't want.  Reverse the process when done.

  • but that means you need a different Inhib for each solo-able fader...

  • Not for each fader, just for each background look.  Based on his description it's only the one background for the one fader, so this would be a quick and dirty way to get what he wants.  (Emphasis on the "dirty" Wink)

  • but an inhibit wins against regular subs. so you can't have the channel that's supposed to be "solo'ed" inhibited...

  • Correct, so the positive sub(s) can't be in the inhibit.  If you have two followspots, for example, you could bring up either with the background.  If you had fixed specials, you could bring them up too.  You could bring up a ML special, etc. 

    This won't work for a bunch of looks that ought to be in cues, but for a solo that dims the background it would be ok.

  • I would love that too! And also a solo button should respect the timing! 

    Another workaround could be exclude that sub from GM. Use the GM to get rid of everything else but this sub...

  • Another workaround would be to record all the base-look channels @ zero into the preset and give the Solo-Sub a higher priority.