feature request: switch object in Magicsheet


i would love to have a switch object in magicsheet.

What do i use it for?

our Worklight is a switch. As well as our direct power for some fixed switchboxes.

We do have a seperate Computer with a program on it, but having it on my desk would be nice.

And there are sure more options i can't think of right now.

What should it do?

Most likely a switch object will be assigned to a NonDim. So the common Targets(Channel/Address) are totaly ok.

On-State color, Off-state Color: the on and off state should be indicated with different colors of my choise.

Anything else? No, that's it.

I know that right now there are a couple of workarounds to do this. But why always work around if it could be a upcomming feature.

thank you in advance


  • So, a channel with a on/off curve on a button that take intensity to show if it's on or off? You can make that today. 

  • Sorry i missread your post.

    Sure you can do it.

    But can one button have:

    - a red color while the connected channel is @0

    - next, if i klick on that button the channel will go @full 

    - and the button will switch it's color to green

    Can you do this without alter the fixture and/or use some other stuff working in the background?

    I think no, and that is what i'm looking for and try to bring in as a feature request.

  • I understand. No you will probably go gray to green or so. 

    What I tried is a way that can do it now, witout the need of changing alot of code. EOS can often solve what you need. But question is how many steps do you need to take. 

  • What is your way of doing it right now?

    I'm interessted.

  • your magic sheet would have two objects: one is a button, target=sub the other is a button target=address next to it. the adress button should be set to green an link to intensity

    put the channels you want to switch on a sub, set the sub timing to hold.

    to be safe but a transparent rectangle on top of the address button so you can't select it by mistake

  • I don’t know of a way off the top of my head to do exactly what you’d like to do, but there’s a way to do something very similar without too much work.

    I would use a channel button with its background color linked to channel intensity, and then I would put a transparent button on top of it linked to a toggle macro, ie:

    Macro 1: <toggle state>

    Macro 2: Chan 1 @ Full Enter

    Macro 3 copy to Macro 1 Enter Enter

    Macro 3: Chan 1 @ 0 Enter

    Macro 2 copy to Macro 1 Enter Enter

    So you have a button that alternates between changing the intensity from 0 to Full and from Full to 0, and you'll be able to see those changes immediately because the button underneath it is linked to intensity.

    As I’m typing this I realize that you could also set an unpatched, dummy part 2 to the channel as a dummy fixture with a green and red parameter, so that when you set intensity to full, you also set red to 0 and green to full, and vice versa when you set intensity to 0. And in that case you would want to link the color to channel color instead of intensity.

    (’m pretty sure this would work with the part 2 unpatched, but if it has to be patched to take those values, then you can put them in a universe that you don’t actually have a way to output to, like 999/1-2. Obviously this would count towards the number of addresses that you can output from the console.)

  • Or you could follow Ueli’s suggestion that appeared while I was typing this out. I tend to overcomplicate.

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