[Feature Request] Popup Virtual Keyboard on Consoles

Moving from Nomad to an Ion Classic has been nice but the one thing I've really been missing is the popup virtual keyboard, I find myself reaching for it constantly when it's not there and It's kinda cramping my workflow. It would be nice to access keys not on the Classic's facepanel quickly without having to open another tab. 



  • What keys do you need on the Ion that aren't available on the console via hard keys or soft keys?  Are you sure that they aren't available via softkeys or via the shift key?

  • They are available in other ways but when I've got a touchscreen, it's just quicker to use the popup. (Stuff like select active/manual, mark, assert, etc...)

  • Hello Tyler,

    Saw your other post on Pop up Faders as well. You might want to explore using snapshots or workspaces to get close to this functionality while the feature isn't in the software.

    Snapshot approach: Have a Snapshot bring up the virtual keyboard and/or fader bank in a frame, with another frame that has a magic sheet that has a button labeled close, and all it does is recall your normal view via a macro that calls another snapshot. The downside to this is you might lose the context you were working in.

    Workspace Approach: If you aren't using workspaces much (Top left corner "1, 2 ,3"), you can just have one of them be your virtual keys and/or faders.

    I think the standpoint on not having a popup keys button on consoles is because they want to reduce screen clutter wherever possible, and since you already have the keys in front of you at the desk, its makes sense to remove it. I think the argument for popup faders is valid enough though.

  • I agree with Tyler.  I'd like to see it present on the console.  The case that I have is that I do busking on my Gio with external touchscreens.  I sit in front of the fader wings that sit in front of the external touchscreens.   It can be quite a reach to get to my Gio front panel, but I can easily get to the external touchscreens and pop open the virtual keypad.

    If this is such a problem for some people, make it a configuration setting.