Encoders/ cue playback master/ not working on ion xe 20 console

For the last month the encoders on the board have been nonfunctional and unresponsive to any touch, as well as the the 2 cue master and go button on the board haven't been working, as well as the button set located near the cue master that contains buttons such as switch fader page haven't been working either. And now all of a sudden the boards not outputting anything and we dont gavw control of any of our lights. Really need some help hear, we have a show starting on the 30th

  • PLEASE tell me you have been on the phone with the fantastic techs at ETC Tech Service (800-688-4160) . . .

    If not, well that doesn't matter . . . Call them NOW and depending where you are located and who the ETC Dealer that you purchased your Xe console from they (the Dealer or the factory) will get you up and running pronto.  I have been a Dealer for 30+ years and the support that ETC provides and justifiably demands of their Dealers is equal to none in the Pro Lighting, Sound or Video industry.

    ETC Tech Service is a 24/7 service organization.  They absolutely pride themselves in fast response times after normal business hours and since they have offices strategically located throughout the world (not to mention the many hundreds of Dealers) you are probably not located too far from from having your console running the way all ETC products work.  The way that thousands of industry professionals can faithfully rely on!

    I look forward to seeing your reply that your Xe is up and running 100% VERY soon!

  • ill get on that as soon as i can, thanks. 

  • Their # is 1-800-688-4116, not 4160.  But everything else in your post is accurate.  I once called at around 11:30pm on a Friday and got someone within 10 minutes

  • Oops . . . yes indeed my bad (the special effect results of too many hours)  800-688-4116

    As far as their after hours Tech Support response that call back was not a fluke but a typical time service feature that is available when needed.

    They are very Cool Beans . . . now IF ONLY a few more of the manufacturers in our industry could follow ETC's lead . . . I won't hold my breath!!!