Unlocking universes with a backup? (Nomad Education Package)

Hello ETC Programmers,

I am a designer/programmer at a small school theater. We are currently running an Ion 1024, and are looking into getting another universe of output, but are on a tight budget. The Nomad education package has 2 universes, and is only $250.

I am wondering if when you connect a second console over a network a backup(in this case a Nomad education package) if the unlocked universes are combined, or if unlocked addresses are limited to the capabilities of one console. I know you can output DMX in client/backup mode(Ion manual 2.8.3 page 448), but I would like to know if you can output to different universes than the primary console. For example our Ion would output universes 1 and 2, and the nomad would output 3 and 4, but the Ion would still control all 4 universes. Obviously this would only work once though.


  • No they are not combined. which ever has the lowest parameter count will be the limiting factor. Seeing as both your devices have a 1024 parameter count that is what you will have in backup mode.

    The education package is great value and being able to have that as a back up will work great for your venue as they match the output.Remember that both items need to be running the same software version and fixture library.



  • Yeah this is kind of what I expected, but it was worth a shot. I understand why ETC limits universes to the lowest parameter count, you wouldn't want to lose half your rig if the master goes down...

    Is there any way to have two consoles control different universes without just running two parallel, unconnected systems? Basically the Ion would tell the nomad what to do for its outputs, without either functioning as a backup.


  • I think there is a way but I have not done it. You would have 2 show files open (one on each console) and then have the Ion trigger the cue list on the nomad via osc commands. Someone else might be able to confirm this and tell you how to do it.