Playlists/Cuelists - one for positions, one for focus fx? || Pixelmapping speedmaster

Good evening!

Is there a way to create a fader that manipulates speed tempo of virtual pixelmapping layers? I tried to use a submaster but then I can only increase speed. I can't decrease speed like it is possible when using a global fx rate fader to manipulate fx speeds.

Is there a way of creating two playlists/cuelists, one for positions only and one for focus fx only? Both will be triggered from faders. I tried to create a playlist that runs through FP 1 thru 7 and I created a cuelist with focus effects. When fx is running and I press next position, the focus fx stops. I already tried to give FP list a lower priority than the fx cuelist. I also tried to create a positions cuelist and so on. It does not work the way I want it to. I hope somebody can help me about this.

I hope I was able to explain my problems in an understandable way.