Partial Merge Fixtures

Hi All,

Not found anything in partial show search. I'm trying to merge 1 or more fixtures but NOT ALL from another show. How can I select one or more items since there are no Numbers in Fixtures list  of a show?

Thanks for helping and stay safe.

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  • Uh - no, sorry that's not a good way of doing it.

    Try this:

    File>Open>Select File with Fixtures

    Click Deselect All

    Click Fixtures

    Delete the fixtures you don't want to import

    Save your file

    Open the file you want to merge the fixtures into

    File>Merge>Select your new file

    Click Fixtures

    There currently isn't an easy way of merging in only some profiles. You could also make use of the "Delete Unused" option in the profile editor which will remove unused profiles.