EOS Fader Programming when Changing Cue list

Hi, guys,

In my showfile I have 2 cuelists and a faderpage with 10 faders, one of which (no. 6) is unmapped.

My problem is that whenever I switch to the 2nd cuelist, the unmapped fader maps it self to cuelist 2. I have no idea where that comes from, hoping you can help me.

Thanks in advance


  • every cuelist that's being played back needs to live on a fader. if you haven't assigned a fader manually Eos will take the lowest available fader and map the cuelist there.

  • What Ueli say!

    If you do not want this to happen and for some reason do not run list 2 manually you can put it on a fader off from your 10 faders on another page. then it will not jump to fader 6 when you switch to it. But it have to live somewhere to be played back. Or you map it to the master playback pair if you have a console or programing wing when you want to play it back. But also then, store it somewhere off from your first page so you know where it is.