What form does the intentional output flicker in offline visualiser mode take?

Hi guys,

Bit of a random but specific question here. I'm trhing to design a show using Capture for a lighting design contest. I'm aware that the offline vis mode of Eos will occasionally flash the entire output to full or 0 to prevent you from using it in a show environment which I'm fine with, the problem is that I'm getting additional flickers and flashes which I'm prety sure aren't a part of the intentional output flickering but I want to confirm if this is the case before I start ripping my hair out trying to find the cause of the issue.

As an example here's a video of my show file being played through capture at https://youtu.be/VRraIOggdYo

At 1:03 https://youtu.be/VRraIOggdYo?t=60 you can see the entire rig jumps to full for a moment before continuing as normal, this is what I expected the output flickering to look like.

At 1:57 https://youtu.be/VRraIOggdYo?t=118 one of the spots DSL zooms in and turns orange (which is not programmed).

At 2:01 https://youtu.be/VRraIOggdYo?t=121 some of the front light flickers on and a moment later at 2:04 a spot DSR switches to white.

All of these seem closer to DMX timing issues than intentional effects by ETC so please can someone clear this up for me, what does the intentional flickering look like?

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  • Please see my other responses, if you have parked fixtures in your show please try un-parking them to see if that helps the issue. Failing that I had luck with moving Eos to a different computer. Are you seeing this issue while using a vilsualiser or on a live rig?

    The more information we can give to ETC about this the more likely it'll get fixed when someone notices this thread and an official bug report gets filed.