help with running Eos on PC.

help with running Eos on PC.

I have downloaded the software. (eos family v3) In order to output i understand i need a nomad key (for legalese licensing) and that item is priced based upon the number of addresses. Additionally i need a usb? to dmx dongle.

1. Question is do i need the etc hardware? ( ETC Gadget or Gadget 2 USB to DMX/RDM converter), Or can i use any product and if so which one is best? (I have looked at Enttec ODE 70405) i want to be sure before i buy anything. for my rig one universe is ok, but would rather have the possibility to expand.

2. Should i get some free software to output a relatively simple rig and forgo the expense of the licensing? if so which?

3. Can i patch my LED computer items (laptop keyboard, usb keyboard, and mouse) if i wanted to control it with the etc software, and if so what personality would be used?

4. Hotkeys for faster operations. "We provide an up to date Hotkeys Document on our documentation page for ETCnomad and ETCnomad Pucks. This document will give the full layout of keyboard shortcuts and key commands for both PC and Mac computers."
i could not find this document.

Any help would be appreciated, while most of us are out of work i would like to have my small independent rig working and if possible keep sharp on using the etc software, as the consoles gather dust in empty venues.

  • If you want to output from USB to DMX it needs to be an ETC product (that would be Gadget II). If you want to output from ethernet you can use ETC or 3rd party products that support either sACN or ArtNet.

    Your LED keyboard probably doesn't understand DMX, so no.

    You installed Nomad, check the start menu, there's a link to a pdf on your hard drive under ETC.

  • thanks.  that's why i said "usb?" i thought the proper way was Ethernet to dmx via artnet/scan. is there any specific software i need for that or would it be installed with the hardware that i would need to connect Ethernet to dmx. 

    Ive read about problems with usb to dmx. 

    my real question is, which way is best. which is most cost effective. i suppose regardless i will need to buy a key for any output.

    i did find that the virtual keyboard has the hotkeys grayed in the bottom corner, and many are intuitive (address is {a} ext.) Cannot fin the PDF (did you mean the full operations manual, or (ETCnomad_Lighting_Controller_Datasheet_revL) the latter did not have any useful information. those are the only pdfs i have. 


  • i think the eos installer puts an ETC directory in your start menu, in there you have a folder documentation. if you click that it will open the folder in explorer, it contains two pdfs

    to output from nomad through ethernet you need the usb license (called ETCnomad dongle) and the ETC or 3rd party ArtNet/sACN node. you don't need additional software.

    yes, you're right about the virtual facepanel showing the shortcuts. if it says aA that means Alt-A (that's Address). the hotkey A is for At.